Renewable Energy Generation

Solar Power

We design and install solar energy systems for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. Our solar solutions harness the sun’s energy using photovoltaic panels.

We offer solar photovoltaic solutions for a wide range of applications:

Residential Solar:

  • Rooftop solar panels for homes to reduce electricity bills.
  • Home battery storage systems for solar energy backup.
  • Smart home energy management integrations.
  • Grid-connected or off-grid systems available.

Commercial & Industrial Solar:

  • Rooftop and ground-mounted systems sized to match consumption needs.
  • Options for selling excess solar power back to the grid.
  • Integration with building management systems.
  • Helps corporations meet sustainability goals.

Utility-Scale Solar:

  • Large solar farms that produce energy for the utility grid.
  • Ground-mounted single axis or dual axis tracking systems to maximize solar yield.
  • We handle plant design, engineering, construction, and O&M.
  • Can be paired with grid-scale battery storage.

Wind Power

We develop and operate onshore and offshore wind farms, leveraging wind turbines to convert kinetic energy into renewable electricity.

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