E-Mobility Solutions

Electric Rickshaws

We design and deploy electric rickshaws or e-rickshaws as a sustainable transportation method, especially for short distances in urban areas.

Our electric rickshaws provide an affordable, clean, and efficient mode of local transportation while creating earning opportunities for operators. They are revolutionizing first/last mile connectivity in cities.

Our e-rickshaws have:

  • Electric motors instead of internal combustion engines, reducing air and noise pollution.
  • Removable lithium-ion battery packs that can be easily charged by swapping or plugging in.
  • Energy-efficient designs focused on optimizing range per charge.
  • Enhanced safety features like seatbelts, suspension, and braking systems.
  • Smart tech integration for GPS tracking, fare calculation and other connectivity functions.
  • Customizable capacity with options for passenger and light cargo models.


Electric Bicycles

We manufacture high-performance electric bicycles with removable batteries to electrify and enhance cycling.

Electric Scooters

Our robust electric stand-up & sit-down scooters provide efficient urban micro-mobility.

Electric Motorcycles

We produce electric motorcycles that are fast, fun & emissions-free for sustainable motoring.

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