Carbon Footprint Assessment

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Lightspeed Energy Systems helps organizations measure, report on, and reduce their carbon footprint through comprehensive carbon accounting and strategic consulting services.

  • GHG Emissions Inventories – We quantify Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions using methodologies like the GHG Protocol.
  • ESG Reporting – We provide expertise in sustainability reporting frameworks like GRI to showcase ESG commitments.
  • Carbon Reduction Planning – We create decarbonization roadmaps, with energy efficiency, renewable energy, and offsetting strategies.
  • Renewable Energy Procurement – We assist with power purchase agreements and renewable energy certificate procurement.
  • Offset Project Development – We identify, develop, and verify carbon offset projects to counterbalance residual emissions.
  • Ongoing Tracking and Optimization – We monitor emissions and adapt plans as needed to achieve carbon neutrality commitments.

With our carbon footprint assessment and strategic consulting, we empower organizations to take measurable climate action and transparently communicate sustainability performance.

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